Statistically, a Georgetown education is worth its cost

Worried about the high cost of a Georgetown education?  Bloomberg Businessweek’s recent article about the value of college degrees may make you feel a bit better.

Businessweek, in collaboration with PayScale, collected information on the incomes of alumni from over 550 schools, and combined this with the cost of attendance to calculate return on investment (ROI) ratings for each school.

Georgetown just missed making the top twenty, coming in 21st by just $11,000 in 30-year net ROI rankings.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology came in first with an impressive $1,688,000 30-year net ROI and 12.6% annual ROI.  Georgetown had a 30-year ROI of $1,147,000 and an annual ROI of 11.2%.  This difference may be due to Georgetown not having an engineering program, which is what helped to put MIT at the top.

Just for fun (and to pat ourselves on the back for choosing Georgetown) HoyaTalk broke down the rankings for the Big East.  The only school in the conference ahead of Georgetown was Notre Dame at number nine.

The rest of the Big East ranks as follows:  Villanova (25), Providence (119), UConn (122), Syracuse (147), Marquette (161), Rutgers (177), DePaul (202), St. Johns (205), Pittsburgh (216), Seton Hall (293), West Virginia (326), Cincinnati (402), South Florida (504), Louisville (549). [Editor’s Note: When applicable, we listed the ROI that used in-state tuition rates.]

And in other silly rivalry news, Vox is happy to report that Georgetown topped both GW (76) and American (176) in the ROI rankings. Let the battle of D.C. school superiority continue!

2 Comments on “Statistically, a Georgetown education is worth its cost

  1. What’s crazy is we’re ranked this high despite this fact about the methodology used:
    “The study used pay reports from only full-time U.S. employees with bachelors degrees and no advanced degrees ”

    Which takes away all our doctors, lawyers, and MBAs.

  2. I think we would rank higher if more of our students were not so committed to community service, and our course having an engineering program… that keeps you in the U.S.
    I think Gtown students go for a more global aim in life.

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