Jack Attack: High school students ambush Georgetown’s mascot

In what can only be called an act of war, a group of high school students threw a water balloon at Jack the Bulldog yesterday.

As a member of the Jack Crew walked Georgetown’s mascot into the courtyard area of the Southwest Quad, the students called out from a fifth-floor window in Kennedy Hall.

“They were just calling him over to harass the dog,” Steck said.

Once Jack and his handler approached, the teens lobbed a water balloon in the dog’s general direction. Although the balloon missed, it “freaked [Jack] out.”

The Department of Public Safety canvassed Kennedy Hall, but the dispatched officer failed to find the guilty parties. (Or as Steck wrote yesterday, “Called DPS. Hunted for the kids. No luck. Evil lurks.”)

The students most likely attend one of the University’s many high school summer programs.

“Because they had the water balloon beforehand, they weren’t necessarily going after Jack,” Steck said. “They were looking for victims and we can’t tolerate that.”

In the past, people rarely harassed Jack, who lives in New South with Steck.

“Two or three times, students have offered Jack something to drink and it was alcohol,” he said. “But, no one’s intentionally done anything like this before.”

39 Comments on “Jack Attack: High school students ambush Georgetown’s mascot

  1. Send all of those immature brats home. Unacceptable.

  2. I believe the Fundamentals of Business course is housed on that floor. Figures.

  3. This is totally unacceptable. It should be easy to find out who did this, and whatever group they belong to should get a life-time ban from the campus. Also, Jack should be allowed to bite them. He’s too sweet for that, though – he’d just lick them. He’s the Gandhi of dogs. Poor Jack…:(

  4. I hope the Burleith residents don’t hear about this Georgetown-based thuggery or they won’t let us demolish all the homes on T street to make a massive dorm.

  5. @pshaw

    I heard they are going to make the dorms out of residents!

  6. The Fundamentals of Business group has been nothing but trouble since the moment they arrived. Kennedy 5 is filled with bros and douchebags in training. I’m upset, but I’m hardly surprised. Hunter Kaplan up top has the right idea.

  7. yes, because no Georgetown students have ever thrown water balloons out of their windows… oh no wait, they have.

  8. @practice what you preach

    not the same thing:
    harassing people = immature
    harassing animals = not ok

  9. if these little shits are tracked down, the admissions committee should keep their names on the “Douchebags never to admit” list.

  10. @practice what you preach

    go back to syracuse, benedict arnold.

  11. This is bullshit and crap. That thing never happened. Of you want to accuse us come here and give us any proof. Yoi guys can’t accuse the entire floor of being troublemakers because we have a hardworking group.

  12. @ Hunter Kaplan

    you are an idiot.

  13. @Kennedy 5th

    I don’t think there is any doubt that a balloon was dropped out of the 5th floor of Kennedy (if the ground floor counts as “1”), and that it was meant to harass the dog. There is, however, a question about who is responsible and what group they are with. I agree that it’s not fair to allow the actions of a few to tarnish an entire group.

  14. @ C Steck

    I checked with the Kennedy RHO before publishing the story—the ground floor is “1.”

  15. honestly this whole story is kinda funny. chill out guys you have to have something better to do than get all worked up about a group of high-schoolers throwing water balloons.

  16. @john smith

    Yeah, harassing animals is hilarious. Its so hilarious you’re afraid to attach your real name to that statement, you cowardly, impotent asshole.

  17. wow its a dog im pretty sure if they missed like the article said then the dog didn’t even notice. all that dog cares about is being a dog, dont sit here and try to make this a big deal because its not. this blog just doesn’t have anything interesting to say so they blow up a tiny story to make it seem like some insane attack on a poor animal. bullshit.

  18. @john smith

    It is exactly what happened.

  19. Why the alias, tough guy? Not only are you an impotent coward, but you can hardly put together a coherent sentence. Enjoy your summer experience, hayseed, because it will most certainly be the closest you’ll ever come to being a student at Georgetown.

  20. @john smith:

    If you think the story’s so pointless and not worth discussing, why did you yourself bother to comment? Don’t attack other people for doing essentially the same thing that you’re doing…the point of the Voice is to let students be heard.

    To the story, it actually is a fairly big deal to attack what I would consider to be a figurehead of the school. It’s not just that he’s a poor animal and didn’t deserve this (though as a staunch Jack fan I think that it was a pretty moronic act), but he’s our mascot; furthermore, he’s a mascot with whom a significant portion of the student population has the opportunity to know and love. He’s pretty special, and it’s easy to see why students would take an attack against him personally.

  21. well it doesn’t really matter either way, i don’t need to sit here and argue with you.

  22. Good, John Smith. Do us all a favor, stop commenting, and maybe spend your free time reading about Jack. You’re making yourself (and those that you may speak for) look less and less intelligent each time that you post.

  23. Unacceptable. What will it take for Georgetown to realize that high school programs and other social experiments for non-students just make a mess and burn our tuition dollars?

  24. @ Asuka–the irony of your posts are too much. First, you are a pretentious snob. Second, what is your full name? Third, many of the students who attend summer college here actually do apply and do get accepted.

    @ student–“burn our tuition dollars?” LOLZROFLCOPTERZZzz!

    (1) we do a pretty good job at wasting money as an insitution already (2) One of the primary motivations for high school summer programs are that they make SCS MAD $$$ each summer i.e. you’re ignorant.

  25. @ practice what you preach – “Other social experiments” was included in my statement, and we all know they certainly contribute to our “wasting money as an institution,” even if summer programs make apprent “MAD $$$.”

  26. First of all, it was cruel to bring that dog out in the heat. Bulldogs and all dogs hate 100 degree weather just like humans. He definitely enjoyed the nice cooling shower of a 20 foot miss by a water balloon. The RA that was hit is overreacting. It was a hot day and the kids just wanted to have some fun. i thought you guys were college students not their grandparents. The students were intending to hit a fellow SCS student. You need to calm down and have a sense of humor.

  27. The high was 88 on Monday. The dog was freaked out by the water balloon exploding.

    I have a “sense of humor”, but prefer to save it for things that are funny.

  28. Asuka, you’re being so hypocritical. Post YOUR real name. Why would John Smith put his real name up here anyways? He doesn’t need to be hassled in real life for expressing his online opinions.

    To be honest, even though blogs are meant for petty events, this isn’t something that anyone should break balls over. Ok, a water balloon exploded near the Georgetown Mascot. If anything, he’d be happy to get something to drink in this hellish weather. Everything here is so exaggerated.

    “what can only be called an act of war” A couple immature high school kids throwing a water balloon at a random dog = Waging war on the entire University? C’mon now . . . . this is a prestigous school, lets try to ACT like it.

  29. @ Intelligent Poster

    I think the editor’s description of the event as “an act of war” was meant tongue in cheek, i.e., humor.

  30. It is ridiculous to read the ways in which some posters are defending the high schoolers’ actions. It does not matter if Jack noticed the balloon or how hot it was outside. It was the intention of these students that matters.

    Those who dismiss the incident because Jack is just a dog show an ignorance of the traditions of Georgetown. Jack is not just a pet who hangs around campus. To many students, Jack represents the tremendous school spirit that we have at Georgetown. While these students may not have been ‘attacking’ the university, they certainly were showing a disrespect for the spirit of Georgetown.

  31. Bottom line: No one should have a big enough problem with Jack the Bulldog to throw a water balloon at him, BUT if you do, then complain to Jack’s handlers. There are plenty of ways to contact us about Jack.
    Hoya Saxa,

  32. I feel dumber for having read these comments.

  33. Everyone seems to be missing the point that the students were not aiming to hit the dog. That part of the story (actually most of what i read up there) was made up by this website because a balloon happened to land in the general vicinity of Jack. They were aiming at people they knew and never called out a member of the Jack Crew to “lure him closer”.

  34. @ social experiment

    so you’re calling Father Steck a liar…

  35. I think this is all a giant plot by Vance Refrigeration. I think they attacked Jack and spread discord on this comments thread. We have got to pull together as one and steal their refrigerators! They sent me an email, this was the worst, that said “You guys suck! You can never pull together as one and revenge us! That is why you suck!”

  36. i’m saying he had no idea what really happened. i am saying that he made assumptions. and i stick to what i have said. the story up there is false. whether a lie or mistunderstanding

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