Comments of the Week: In defense of Jack

pshaw” worried that the Jack Attack would have town-gown ramifications:

I hope the Burleith residents don’t hear about this Georgetown-based thuggery or they won’t let us demolish all the homes on T street to make a massive dorm.

m@” had an idea about how to punish the offenders:

if these little shits are tracked down, the admissions committee should keep their names on the “Douchebags never to admit” list.

After things got pretty heated in the comments, “Tim” was the voice of reason:

I feel dumber for having read these comments.

Juggalo Todd Olson” felt left out when Vox asked two University administrators to settle a wing feud:

I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. Nobody likes a sad clown.

Jim O’Donnell” challenged us to hold another blind taste test:

OK, guys, look, what the Provost *really* wants is a cupcake taste-off. Has the Voice got the guts to get into something *that* controversial? I mean, stick a candle in it, and cupcakes really *are* beacons, right?

?” got way too meta in last week’s Comments of the Week:

what does one comment on the comments of the week?

Jacob” had some sagely advice for the Class of 2014:

Attention Incoming Freshmen:

Under no circumstances should you ask the question, “Is there alcohol in that keg?”

BigShow330” may want to rethink his priorities about the Verizon Center:

As long as they still take my fake, I don’t care how much poop there is.

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