University to install new, high-efficiency washing machines

While every dorm won’t have wireless internet access by the beginning of the semester, students can still expect something new—washing machines!

The front-loading, high-efficiency washing machines, which are manufactured by Speed Queen, will cut down on the University’s water and electricity consumption.

“They’re low-energy machines,” Vice President for Facilities and Student Housing Karen Frank said. “They use a lot less water and a lot less power.”

The new washing machines are part of the Georgetown’s “Green Initiative,” which aims to reduce the University’s energy footprint.

Unlike their traditional counterparts, high-efficiency washing machines use small amounts of detergent.

Frank recommended that students use special, high-efficiency detergent, but Vox has a thrifty tip for you all—regular detergent works just fine, so long as you only use one-fourth the suggested amount.

UPDATE: We’ve heard from a concerned source that regular detergent can’t be used in the new washing machines. Although the above tip came straight from the mouth of VP Karen Frank, the Internet suggests otherwise, we’re going to err on the side of caution.

6 Comments on “University to install new, high-efficiency washing machines

  1. FYI, while high efficiency dryers are faster, the high efficiency washers that I’ve used take longer than “normal” ones.

  2. I give it two weeks, tops, before one of these catches on fire. It is our destiny.

  3. If the new dryers work like the old ones, just find a stacked dryer where either the top or bottom one is being used. Swipe your card to “add time” and just add it to the one not being used. Ta-da, discounted drying.

  4. My new place has a high efficiency washer and dryer and the manual says you can use normal detergent as long as you use less as the article initially suggested.

    The high efficiency dryer sucks though and does a terrible job drying and takes super long. Maybe it’s just the one we have.

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