As a nation waits with bated breath, Princeton Review releases its college rankings

We can’t believe we almost missed Princeton Review‘s college rankings!

Every year, we use the college rankings to remind ourselves that Georgetown’s politically active students, surroundings, and study abroad program aren’t just the best in the country, but also kick the ever-loving shit out of other colleges.

Wait … what?


Forget everything we just said. Only dumb schools, like American, Columbia, and Goucher College tie up their hopes and dreams into something as profoundly silly as arbitrary ranking systems.

Besides, everybody knows the U.S. News & World Report is better.

9 Comments on “As a nation waits with bated breath, Princeton Review releases its college rankings

  1. Pardon me, but where do you come of saying that American University, Columbia University and Goucher College are “dumb” schools?

  2. And by “come of saying” I clearly meant “come off” … I clearly didn’t help any of these school’s cases did I? Oh well.

  3. I have to say, I also don’t understand what American, Goucher, and Columbia have in common, or why they’re dumb.

  4. I’m assuming each of them is ranked #1 in one of these categories. I’m not willing to make myself a username at Princeton Review, though, so I can’t be sure.

  5. I think from the tone of the post “dumb” was probably along the lines of what a jealous 5 year-old might say . . . instead of along the lines of “we’re smarter than you”

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