SFS shakeup: Kaneda replaced Reardon-Anderson as head of undergrad program

This morning, a commenter republished an email about changes within the School of Foreign Service administration. We decided to put on our journalism pants and investigate the claims.

According to the email, which was sent to SFS faculty and staff by Dean Carol Lancaster, Associate Dean Mitch Kaneda replaced Senior Associate Dean James Reardon-Anderson on July 1 as director of the Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service program.

SFS Director of Communications Beau Boughamer confirmed the changes via email earlier today.

“We are extremely proud and fortunate to have a teacher and advisor of Mitch Kaneda’s quality and character taking on this role,” Reardon-Anderson said of Kaneda, who has advised students as an associate dean for almost a decade.

However, don’t expect Reardon-Anderson to leave the SFS. As Senior Associate Dean, he now “[oversees] all curricular programs, academic appointments and finance,” according to a comment written by Lancaster. Reardon-Anderson’s duties will extend to serving as acting dean when Lancaster is out of the office.

“I didn’t want anyone to somehow get the impression that Jim Reardon-Anderson had left,” Lancaster wrote in an email to Vox.

Jennifer Windsor, former Executive Director of Freedom House, will step in on August 23 as Associate Dean of Programs. Windsor, who previously taught for MSFS, will be in charge of “administration, communications, the career center, the Georgetown Journal, Fellows in Foreign Service, alumni affairs, [and] new initiatives (including putting together an executive education degree),” according to Lancaster.

Dean Lancaster’s email:

Dear SFS Faculty and Staff:

I am pleased to announce two new appointments in the Dean’s Office:

Effective July 1, Associate Dean Mitch Kaneda will serve as Director of the BSFS Program. Mitch is well known to and appreciated by all of us as an outstanding teacher, student adviser, academic administrator and colleague. I am delighted that Mitch has agreed to take on these new responsibilities and look forward to his leadership of the School’s flagship undergraduate program.

Effective August 23, Jennifer Windsor will join the SFS as Associate Dean for Programs. Since 2001, Jennifer has been Executive Director of Freedom House. Before then, she served as Deputy Assistant Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and as foreign policy adviser to the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Jennifer is a graduate of Harvard (B.A.) and Princeton (M.A.) Universities, and has taught as an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University, and written and spoken widely on the development of democracy around the world. For further information, attached find Jennifer’s resume.

When we reconvene in the fall, I will take the opportunity to introduce Mitch and Jennifer to you in their new roles. Until then, I want to say how pleased I am to welcome Jennifer to Georgetown and recognize Mitch for all he has done and will do for the School.

Have a nice summer,


5 Comments on “SFS shakeup: Kaneda replaced Reardon-Anderson as head of undergrad program

  1. Is Dean Kaneda still going to advise IECON and IPEC majors?

  2. First of all, congrats to Dean Kaneda! Secondly, I believe he will still advise IECON and IPEC majors. I’ve still been receiving emails from him regarding internship opportunities for IECON and IPEC majors.

  3. I never had any interaction with Dean Kaneda since his address to the class freshman year, but I remember being so impressed with how kind, funny, and knowledgeable he seemed, even then. Good for him! I’m sure he’ll do a fabulous job…unlike his predecessor, who once signed his name to an email that referred to a specific student by a misspelled name and the wrong gendered pronoun.

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