Site news: I’m going to the Jersey Shore, bitch!

Vox is going on vacation.

I’ll be in New Jersey next week, presumably doing all of those things that I see on MTV nowadays. But all of those gym workouts, tanning, and laundry, I won’t have much time to keep you updated on Georgetown’s most hard-hitting news.

I’ll check in from time to time to make sure you’re playing nice in the comments, but don’t expect to see too many posts around these parts while I’m gone. (Although, I promise to jump into action should another golf cart set on fire.)

Thanks for reading this summer. See you in a bit.

2 Comments on “Site news: I’m going to the Jersey Shore, bitch!

  1. Perhaps I should take this opportunity to explain my recent absence from the blog. I realize not many people actually care about this Chris Heller’s travel plans and it’s ridiculous that his laziness gets a whole post and I am confined to the comment section, but as the Quebeckers say: “Say law vee.” Now, some of you might be thinking that because of “The Chad’s” undying loyalty to his fans, I have been extensively touring the world so that everyone’s life can be changed by hearing “What if Today Was Your Last Day” straight from the Canadian slightly edgier than Creed and Switchfoot rocker’s mouth rather than at the Lady Foot Locker. Or perhaps you’re familiar with my retreats to my maple tree farm in rural Ontario so that I can contemplate the mysteries of life and create the life giving liquid known as maple syrup. No, not even those activities would block my intellectual furor which keeps me coming back to Georgetown. The only thing that could keep me away for so long is a friend in need. I don’t know if Vox or its readers are aware of the recent troubles of my friend Tiger Woods, but I won’t add any wood to the rumor fire (incidentally one of our hit singles from our new CD is titled Burn it to the Ground). Suffice to say, Tiger has not been himself lately and I courageously came to his side as only a true friend and dashing rockstar could. So I’ve been traveling with Tiger, teaching Tiger, learning from Tiger, massaging Tiger, ordering for Tiger when he’s in the restroom and the waiter has come, writing songs with and for Tiger (My hit song This Afternoon is based upon these soul-affirming interactions), and even hitting the links with Tiger. Tiger is doing better, but his recent performances show he still needs me. I will try not to neglect you Vox readers for I know that there must have been at least a few MacBook Pros destroyed out of frustration at my prolonged absence. I realize that I cannot give my wisdom and suddenly take it away without there being dire consequences. Rest assured Vox, I will be back. But right now, Tiger needs me. And I hope all of you know how important that is. Remember, you always have your complete library of Nickelback CD’s and cassettes to comfort you in these dark times.



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