The Worst Idea Georgetown’s Ever Had: Alumni edition

After the alcohol policy’s resounding victory, we’re moving onto a new category: Georgetown alumni. Whose diploma do you wish Georgetown would take back and tear to shreds? We’ll keep the polls open for your votes until next week, when we’ll tackle a new category. Ultimately, you’ll choose the worst move ever made by Georgetown.

Jennifer Altemus (COL ’88)

Remember that time that Hogwarts conferred a wizardry degree upon Tom Riddle, and he subsequently became the evil Lord Voldemort and his alma mater’s greatest mortal enemy?

This is kind of like that.

In 1988, Jennifer Altemus graduated from the Georgetown College, and now, she has returned to the neighborhood to wreak havoc on student life via a robust campaign from the Citizens Association of Georgetown against the 2010 Campus Plan. (This was presumably after Provost O’Dumbledore refused to let her teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. We’ve even heard rumors that she hid a horcrux in President DeGioia’s office—but he’s never there, no one’s found it yet.)

Heir to a Citizens Association that insists your bus ride to Dupont Circle be over 4 miles long because Georgetown private property owners apparently have jurisdiction over some public streets, Altemus is even more trouble than your ordinary CAG president. Thanks to her Georgetown degree, she can claim (and local news outlets can imply) that she has an understanding of both students’ point of view and her neighbors’.

But don’t be fooled. She’s not on Georgetown’s side, she’s on CAG’s. And if they had it their way, there would be a butterbeer keg ban levied on the entire neighborhood.

—Molly Redden

Fritz Brogan (COL ’07)

With the graduation of the Class of 2010, there’s nary a student on Georgetown’s campus who should remember Fritz Brogan. Sadly though, his memory lingers over the Hilltop like some kind of dark, bro-tastic cloud.

Did he throw extravagant parties? Sure. (One rager even caused $6,500 worth of damage to the snooty City Tavern Club.) Was he involved in an ungodly number of clubs and activities before graduating? Damn right he was. But during his time at Georgetown, Fritz Brogan emerged from his nepotistic chrysalis, leaving a husk of embarrassment in his wake.

You might remember the time Politico interviewed him about his renovated Watergate apartment. (And, from his mouth to our ears, how the building was home to “the famous break-in in the 1960s that we all know about.”)

Or maybe you recall how he threw a terrible New Year’s Eve party with Late Night Shots founder Reed Landry. You know, the party that spawned an angry Facebook group pleading that the duo never host another New Year’s Eve party. (Ever.) The event was described as “total chaos” that led the National Building Museum to be “ultimately destroyed on the inside.” And here’s a quote from an attendee, just because it makes us chuckle:

Last night was by far one of the worst events I’ve ever attended. It took 45 minutes to get in. It was like the bread line during the Great Depression. Once we got in, there were more lines … lines for the bar, lines for the coat check, lines for the restroom.

Giving Brogan a degree was one of Georgetown’s worst ideas if only because he epitomizes and perpetuates the “Joe Hoya” stereotype that students love to mock. It might be unfair, but it’s true.

—Chris Heller

14 Comments on “The Worst Idea Georgetown’s Ever Had: Alumni edition

  1. But, see, almost every private university has had at least one Fritz Brogan type. How many universities have alumni who turn traitor?

  2. It is my greatest regret that I was unable to apprehend Brogan. Forgive me Georgetown.

  3. At least Fritz still likes his alma mater and hasn’t sold us under the bus.

  4. @Zac

    Indeed, a typo. Should of course read “thrown.” And perhaps I should have added, “under the proverbial GUTS bus?”

  5. I know you haven’t graduated yet but my vote goes to the self indulgent wastes of space who brought these names forward and thought this was an appropriate way for Hoyas to spend their time and treat one another. First, you criticize Jennifer for betraying her fellow Hoyas and not having the best interest of those who have come after her in a blog that’s intention is to single out and personally attack/ridicule alumni of our University.

    Then you take yet another pot shot at Fritz and the parties he threw/throws in DC. Seriously, THAT’S what you have a problem with? Yes he embodies the Joe Hoya stereotype that students love to mock, but to piggy back on the verbiage of one of these replies, the onlý category of student that sully the “macro-reputation” of elite private liberal arts universities around the country more than bro prepsters are people that write insipid blogs like this. Sitting in their student housing with their Macbooks and the requisite posters they bought in the bookstore on the wall who think its funny/witty/ or heaven forbid worthwhile to sit and sling criticism at easy targets. Let me cue you in on a lttle secret- blogs like this are none of these things, and I know you have nothing better to do before your upper level humanities classes start, but drivel like this does not make the people on your list bad, but rather, says so much more about the class of people who find it worthwhile to start a conversation like this one. You accuse these people of being disloyal and sullying the name of Georgetown; before you pen something like this again, look in the mirror and take a long hard look at what your actions add to the intellectual spirit and institutional reputation of our University. I realize these are the dog days of summer, but as someone who will soon share the same pedigree as the many great men and women of Georgetown, accept the responsibility that comes with that honor. You’re better than that, I hope.

  6. Let the record show that in his 8:55 PM comment on August 8th, 2010, Chad Kroeger made an observation about the commonalities between Vox readers and Macbook users. This observation was made a full 14 minutes before “find something better to write about” (if that’s the commenter’s real name) made a similar observation (an observation which was less Chad Kroeger-esque brilliance and more childishly snide) in her/his very long and confusingly passionate rant about how a student blog is wasting time. The Chad demands that such internet plagiarism be taken down immediately and that the offender be identified and reported to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I hope this will be handled immediately. You can contact me for updates as Chad is traveling with a friend in Ohio. Thank you.

  7. Blame it on the Campus Plan coverage, but Vox seems to be getting more and more negative these days. The number of posts pointing fingers/laying blame/attacking something or another seem to far out-weigh news/reviews/alerts about events in DC/etc. There’s something to be said about being direct and aggressive when needed, but this just seems like it’s going too far. Not to be all sunshine and rainbows or anything, but if you’re going to have this new segment, why not couple it with “The Best Idea Georgetown’s Ever Had” too?

  8. I agree…perhaps a series of posts on student groups at Georgetown to give freshmen a preview of what’s to come at SAC Fair?

  9. I rarely read these publications, but for what it’s worth, “find something better to write about ” is rude and idiotic. Please, throw in more attempts to use high-level vocabulary while you insult GU students. Seriously? Stereotype much? This post is humorous, not “insipid.”

    Oh, and newsflash: Not everyone at GU is rich. Speaking as a student with seven siblings and less money than your Georgetown house would cost to rent for a week at home, I find your pretentious, snide comments unnecessary. Take a long hard look in the mirror yourself, then go drink your cappuccino and choke on it. Props to the post author.

  10. Granted I have never met either of these alums and “find something better to talk about” clearly felt pretty strongly about this, but the author of “Above post is rude’s” trouble with the vocabulary cannot be blamed on the writer. Honestly I have no idea what your issue is with what he/she wrote. They weren’t insulting GU students – in fact it sounds like it was written by someone who holds us in high regard and was disappointed. Then you ask “Stereotype much?” – the only time stereotypes came up was in RESPONSE to what the authors you give “props” to said about these two alums.

    My personal favorite is your “newsflash”. Where the hell did that come from? They never talked about money, then you mention how many siblings you have (again… WHAT?) and your cherry on top is telling the writer to go choke on a cappuccino. Nice. Just to help you out a little bit … when they talked about “class” they were probably referring to social grace (like you have class or you dont have class) …. not socio-economic class.

    While I admit it was strongly worded, I have to say I agree with “Find something better to talk about’s” message. It really looks pretty poor (so as not to confuse and have someone else talk about their seven siblings – this is a value judgement, not talking about money!) on us as students to write about which alum (who probably won’t be reading these blogs and have a chance to defend themselves) is the biggest Gtown failure. Their criticism sounded like it came from disappointment; I can relate to that because I expect more from us as well. Totally agree with “why so negative” and its responder – our conversations here represent our University … why not make it positive and useful? Sorry this got long, but seriously “Above post is rude” …. that was ridiculous

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