Georgetown Cupcake does not employ cupcake bouncers

Although we really, really wanted NBC Washington‘s story about cupcake bouncers to be true, it isn’t.

“Because of the long line, we posted employees outside to greet customers and hand out menus,” Georgetown Cupcake co-owner Sophie LaMontagne said. “I don’t know about this whole bouncer rumor. They’re sixteen-year old girls!”

The alleged bouncers, originally spotted by Eating Around DC, also hand out water bottles to customers waiting in line.

We can’t help but imagine the ramifications of cupcake bouncers. Maybe they would deliver forearm shivers to Midwestern tourists. Maybe¬†Julian Vaughn could work two jobs. And maybe, in our wildest dreams, they would assault a DC Cupcakes cameraman.

6 Comments on “Georgetown Cupcake does not employ cupcake bouncers

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  2. Well I don’t know about you but I’ve had it with these cupcake hooligans ruining our neighborhood. I demand that the city immediately shutter Georgetown Cupcake for being a public nuisance far worse than anything Philly Pizza ever managed to conjure. Seriously, though… how does Georgetown Cupcake somehow satisfy the regulatory standards that Philly Pizza was accused of breaking? I’m thinking of the residents who actually conducted counts of the ratio of eat-in to take-out customers at Philly Pizza to use as justification for revoking their license.

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