Prefrosh Preview: The Georgetown neighborhood (daytime edition)

This week, Vox wanted to offer the Class of 2014 a few recommendations of places to visit in the Georgetown neighborhood. Today, we cover daylife—check back later this week for what to do on nights and weekends. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments!

When you’re really sick of Leo’s …

Clyde’s: The original location of the Clyde’s Restaurant Group, Clyde’s offers upscale, traditional American food in a casual setting. Clyde’s claims that its appetizer menu inspired “Afternoon Delight,” but we’re pretty sure songwriter Bill Danoff (FLL ’68) had something else in mind—no matter how much we love the restaurant’s crab cakes and chili.

Sweetgreen: Opened in 2007 as the brainchild of three recent Georgetown alumni, Sweetgreen specializes in creative—and in our opinion, delicious—salads, as well as Sweetflow frozen yogurt. Sweetflow, which tastes like frozen nectar handed down from God himself, is even sold on the streets of D.C. via the Sweetflow Mobile.

Qdoba: Every Monday night, hungry students flood into Qdoba on M Street. Why? Because it’s half-price burrito day! The large meals, free sodas, and 50 percent discounts at this chain fast-food restaurant are an inexpensive alternative to Leo’s.

Tackle Box: “To-go” and “seafood” don’t often work well together, but Tackle Box pulls it off. As the casual, cheaper version of parent restaurant Hook, Tackle Box offers fresh fish prepared to order and available for dine-in or take-out. (Our favorite meal? The fish tacos.)

Martin’s Tavern: If you’re looking to dine at a restaurant that has served every sitting president from Harry Truman to George W. BushBarack Obama hasn’t been there, yet—then Martin’s is the place to go.

1789: The most upscale of the Clyde’s Restaurant Group restaurants, a meal at 1789 is a popular option—if your parents are in town. The pricey restaurant is a favorite of a number of famous Washingtonians and politicos, including Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman, but is also more than a little bit out of most students’ price ranges. But if you want to go, try making a reservation while they offer their prix fix summer special.

Where can I buy that?

Apple Store: Months after being approved by the neighborhood overlords of the Advisory Neighborhood Council and the Old Georgetown Board, the Apple Store opened this summer. For Georgetown students who own MacBooks and iPhones, the opening is a blessing—now they can get their technology problems solved without taking a trek on the Metro.

Shops at Georgetown ParkThe Shops, which has a few stores that are accessible from M Street, includes Express, H&M, Washington Sports Club, and Clyde’s. During the fall, make sure to check out the Halloween shop and the fabric store to outfit your costume.

Urban Outfitters/American Apparel: Don’t worry, hipsters, there’s a place for you in Georgetown—actually, there are two places!

Vineyard Vines: Vineyard Vines helps perpetuate the “Georgetown students are all preppy” stereotype. The store carries clothing and accessories with the Georgetown logo, in case the offerings at the bookstore aren’t enough for you. If you don’t shop here, you will inevitably laugh when you see Vineyard Vines’s giant whale mascot ambling up and down Wisconsin Avenue.

Barnes & Noble/Bridge Street Books: If the bookstore turns you off—and you won’t buy your books online, for some odd reason—Vox recommends checking out one of these bookstores to fill up your shelves.  Most students are already familiar with Barnes & Noble, but the Georgetown location has a multiple stories, wireless internet access, and a Starbucks coffee shop inside. In contrast, Bridge Street is a small, independent store with more limited—but also more selective—offerings.

What’s left?

Wisey’s: Wisemiller’s Deli is a Georgetown tradition. Located across the street from the Walsh building, Wisey’s offers convenience store items, as well as an extensive grill selection. Learn to call ahead during lunch hours to beat the long lines. Vox strongly recommends the Chicken Madness and the chocolate chip cookies.

Social Safeway: Recently remodeled, the aptly-named Social Safeway is one of the few places where you might run in to your Senator picking up something to cook for dinner. Despite having some high-class clientele and an invite only opening, it is one hell of a grocery store.

AMC Loews Cinema: The closest movie theater to campus, the Georgetown AMC Loews has 14 theaters. Once in a while, the theater hosts premieres and special screenings of movies, so be on the look out for them. (Don’t lose heart, indie film buffs; you’ll have your own theater soon enough.)

Bank of America/PNC Bank: If you don’t succumb to joining GUASFCU or don’t have a Chevy Chase account, head on over to Wisconsin Avenue. These banks are in close proximity to a number of restaurants and stores, making it easy to get some extra cash if you don’t want to use a card.

13 Comments on “Prefrosh Preview: The Georgetown neighborhood (daytime edition)

  1. How could you forget the crown jewel that is Jetties in Foxhall?

    I highly recommend the Nobadeer (carved turkey and stuffing with cranberry sauce and mayonnaise on sourdough), or, if you’d like to seriously indulge yourself, the Dionis (five ounces of lobster meat on a warm, crusty sub roll with lettuce and a lemon wedge — available on Saturday and Sunday only).


  2. Don’t foget Georgetown Suites! When your folks come to visit and need a place to stay, put them here! Drop them at the hotel after dinner, and you go do your own thing!

  3. Is it just me, or did Vox really miss the boat here by leaving out The Tombs?

  4. @Dave – I think it’s pretty safe to assume that all the prefrosh have been told already about Tombs by at least seventeen different people. More, if they’ve made facebook friends with any current students.

  5. @ Ek

    Everybody knows about Qdoba and Chipotle. We only mentioned Qdoba because of 1/2 off Mondays.

    @ Dave

    We’re going a “nights and weekends” edition later this week, including Tombs.

  6. I really think you guys should of mentioned Booeymongers too, its cheap (by G-town standards) and really close to campus

  7. morso express gives a 25% student discount and it is mad tasty chic turkish food. Im just saying. #highly recommend

  8. the cafe in barnes and noble is NOT a starbucks; it’s a barnes and noble cafe and your starbucks gift cards won’t work there

  9. Dear Prefrosh,

    The quickest way to get everyone to hate you is to hold up the line at Wiseys because you don’t know what you want. Scout out the menu before the rush.

  10. “If you don’t succumb to joining GUASFCU”. Gee thanks, glad to know how proud you are of Georgetown and your freinds and classmates who work tirelessly for this community. Let’s instead funnel students to banks that will charge students just to open an account. Smart.

  11. @Arjun

    whoa now, lets not get our business school manties in a twist.

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