Transformers 3 looking for extras in D.C.

The third installment of Michael Bay’s Transformers series will be filming in D.C. soon—and you can be a part of the movie!

The District’s Office of Motion Picture and Television Development (MPTD) posted that the film’s producers are looking for extras for the various D.C. scenes. All it takes to apply is an e-mail, so why not send in an application? (Aside from the fact that the Transformers movies are cinematic schlock.)

Although the Transformers crew was scheduled to film in D.C. for three weeks, the National Park Service issued enough location denials that it was cut down to three days of filming.

MPTD head Kathy Hollinger told TBD that the National Park Service was the most challenging federal agency to work with, blocking requests to film at locations including the Washington Monument. However, the NPS allowed the crew to film at the Lincoln Memorial. [Editor’s Note: If the Lincoln monument is a robot, we will cry.]

Shooting will occur during the week of September 27.

3 Comments on “Transformers 3 looking for extras in D.C.

  1. Transformers take over machinery. Not marble. Hence the idea that the cube turns every vending machine and cell phone into a robot, yet somehow sidewalks aren’t suddenly becoming Decepticons. Don’t be silly.

  2. the whole premise makes perfect scientific sense.

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