College ranking round-up: Georgetown will leave you penniless

We’re not finished with college rankings yet? Guh.

Last week, Forbes reported that Georgetown has the second-most expensive dorms in the country. And what do students get for a measly $12,750?

“[A room] in one of four brick high-rises that resemble the aging, cramped spaces parents may remember from their own college days.”

During the 2010-2011 academic year [PDF], residence costs will range from $8,014 to $9,646. (Meal plans will cost $1,226 to $4,468.) The charges mark a 10 percent rise in room and board charges over the past three years.

But look on the bright side—Forbes ranked Georgetown as the 52nd best college in the country! Hurray for subjectivism!

Photo by Flickr user “neubie” used under a Creative Commons license.

2 Comments on “College ranking round-up: Georgetown will leave you penniless

  1. the way you present the results of this survey is a little misleading. the survey was based on colleges that require all first year students to live on campus. (“Forbes looked at all four-year institutions that require full-time students to live on campus for their first year. That pushed expensive dorms at the University of California, Berkeley, and New York University off the list because students in each city can find cheaper apartments elsewhere or live with family.”) because most schools actually do NOT require first year students to live on campus, GU gets bumped way up the list.

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