Public Safety enacts stricter GOCard swiping policy

Remember how you used to stroll into a dorm, leisurely swiping your GOCard? Well, forget it.

A new public safety policy will require guards to take residents’ GOCards, examine their photographs, and swipe their cards for them. The policy will be in place by the beginning of the fall semester.

According to Department of Public Safety Associate Director Joseph Smith, the new rules are meant to ensure on-campus safety.

“The University implemented this new procedure after reviewing the process and concluding that doing so would be more consistent with best practices in assets protection,” Smith wrote in an email. “In essence, it allows us to verify that the person presenting the card is the legitimate user of that card.”

Last year, the University enacted a pilot program in Copley Hall to test the new policy. The program’s success emboldened the University to expand it to all applicable residence halls for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Smith added that the decision was “not a reaction to any specific incident.”

15 Comments on “Public Safety enacts stricter GOCard swiping policy

  1. Eh, I suspect this will do more harm than good. Already student guards are powerless when someone walks by without swiping; I imagine the increased delay will only increase the number of students who don’t swipe at all.

  2. Sounds annoying, but I doubt the guards will actually do it.

  3. Because after all Copley proved to be the most safe dorm last year…oh, right. *roll eyes*

  4. I appreciate the effort, but this will probably just be a lot of hassle for not much good.

  5. Please someone remove this rule. Everyone will just be irritated and it will escalate avoidable situation to ones of anger and annoyance.

  6. looks like the fake gocard business will become a good investment piece in my portfolio

  7. I live off campus now so it doesn’t really affect me. But having to wait in a 4 minute line each time I want to get into my own building is in a lot of ways more senseless and annoying than CAG.

  8. A well-intentioned decision whose only results will be a few parents being made to feel that their children are more safe and longer lines to get into dorms. Imagine what will happen when a “freshman herd” walks back into New South. Come to think of it, the scanner at New South is about 10 feet away from the guard desk…

  9. “escalate avoidable situation(s) to ones of anger and annoyance.”

    – which won’t amount to anything besides you writing a snide post on your wordpress blog that no one reads.

  10. @charlie

    Are you going to have your personal assistant take care of it?

  11. I lived in Copley last year, and was a victim of the new policy when it went into effect at the beginning of the Spring. It contributed to the laziness of the guards, and their inability to do their jobs properly was made even more apparent. Some guards still made you swipe yourself in (to an upside-down GoCard reader, which is more annoying than you may think), others held out their hands after 30 seconds of fiddling with their computers/eating, and the rest were too busy looking at the picture to notice the 10 people sneak by and run through the door. If they really want the buildings to be more secure instead of putting on a ridiculous (less safe) show, Public Safety should install the New South “turnstiles” everywhere. Annoying, yet effective.

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