Georgetown rises to #21 in U.S. News rankings

After wallowing for five years as the 23rd best in the eyes of U.S. News and World Report, Georgetown is moving on up to the 21st spot.

For those who thrive on the arbitrary, possibly-rigged system, Georgetown’s bump in the U.S. News and World Report college rankings is a long-awaited victory, demonstrating the University’s academic strength and successes. (The rankings are calculated by “data sets,” including “academic reputation, graduation and retention rates, class size, selectivity, financial aid, alumni giving and faculty resources.”)

And if that’s not enough, high school counselors think Georgetown is the 6th best college in the country.

“Georgetown is pleased that we maintained strong rankings for our undergraduate programs and especially appreciate the input of high school counselors in this effort,” President John DeGioia said in a press release.

Make no mistake—we love Georgetown. But, we think these rankings encourage people to look for recognition in the wrong places. We don’t need U.S. News and World Report to tell us that our school is great, and neither do you.

On the other hand … suck it, Syracuse!

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