GUTV to film an all-freshman reality show

In what we can only assume will be can’t-miss television, GUTV plans to film a reality show about freshmen.

“Our reality show will follow five or six incoming freshmen through their first year at Georgetown—from budding relationships, roommate problems, to finding a place for themselves in an entirely new environment.” co-producer Alison Doyle (SFS ’13) wrote in an email.

Doyle will produce the show with Joe Mancino, a Voice contributor.

As of last Wednesday, Doyle told us that 12 incoming freshman shown interest in the show. This week, she and Mancino will hold video interviews to whittle applicants down to the final cast.

“After discussing what we wanted to get out of producing our show together, we realized that a reality show would be a perfect opportunity to learn more about all the aspects of television production and yet would still be manageable as we are both full-time students,” she wrote.

Between Darnall: The Sitcom and this untitled show, which Doyle hopes to air in the Spring, GUTV seems to be saturating the college television market with programs about freshmen. But we can’t blame them—where else can we watch the Amish sabotage elevators?

3 Comments on “GUTV to film an all-freshman reality show

  1. If this show interferes with the production of Darnall: The Sitcom, I’m going to be so mad.

  2. I’m afraid I must apologize to the Georgetown community for turning down GUTV’s offer to create a reality show about me. I’m much too humble for that kind of schlock. Besides, I’m still waiting on an answer from the TLC.


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