Prefrosh Preview: A guide to Leo’s Dining Hall

Below, we’ve re-published Voice Editor Juliana Brint’s 2009 guide to surviving Leo’s. As an introduction to the subject, you may want to watch the Heckler‘s informative “Georgetown Freshmen Education Series: I Know How to Eat!” video.

It’s not worth complaining about our errant dining hall; as long as meal plans are foisted on us through sophomore year, it’s simply something we all have to accept.

There are some coping mechanisms you’ll develop, though. Here are Vox‘s tips for dealing with Leo’s:

  • Unless you’ve got a prodigious appetite or a passion for bland cafeteria food, there’s really no reason why you’ll need to get a plan with more than 14 meals a week.
  • Keep track of your meals and Grab ‘n Go usage. The weekly meal cycle starts on Saturday, so by Wednesday or Thursday it should be pretty clear whether you’re going to be maxed out or whether you’re going to have lots of unused meals. If it’s the latter, start picking up Grab ‘n Go whenever you’re at Leo’s, either to store up or to donate to the Grab ‘n Give program.
  • Don’t be afraid to go alone and study. If you can find a free outlet (most are along the wall on the lower level) and don’t mind ambient noise, you’ll save a lot by getting your caffeine and study snacks from Leo’s rather than Midnight Mug.

  • Late night is really terrible. Why waste a meal on a limited selection of reheated leftovers? If you can’t make regular dinner hours you’re better off getting Grab ‘n Go ahead of time and saving it.
  • Invest in some Tupperware. Aside from basketball, stealing from Leo’s is probably the most popular sport on campus.
  • If you want short lines, fresh(er) food and prime seating choices, show up to meals early.
  • Be explicit about how much sauce you want added to your dish when you’re using the make-your-own pasta and stir-fry stations. Many of the cooks tend to have pretty heavy hands, so speak up if you want to keep the goopiness to a minimum.
  • Chicken Finger Thursday. Don’t miss it.
  • Variety is key. If you get sucked into a pattern where you somehow always end up with the same foods on your plate, make an effort to mix it up. Repetition means you’ve probably found a dish you actually like, which is great, but if you eat it ad nauseum you’ll likely burn out on it within a few weeks.

8 Comments on “Prefrosh Preview: A guide to Leo’s Dining Hall

  1. Seconded to the taco bar.

    Also how to make a McDonald’s burger in Leo’s:
    Take the patties from downstairs, but it on the bun with American cheese from the sandwich bar area. Microwave for 30 seconds. Add the diced onion, ketchup, and mustards. Tastes exactly like it.

  2. Lunch and dinner are often boring, but breakfast is actually pretty good. It’s pretty hard to mess up eggs, and the biscuits/breakfast meats are not incomparable with your typical diner or IHOP.

  3. Make sure you nuke the ketchup and mustard for the authentic heat lamp taste. This really does work! McLeo’s burgers are gr

  4. And get the hell off the meal plan as soon as you are able.

  5. The Secret Wonders of the Make-Your-Own-Pizza Bar

    -Bagel Bites
    -BBQ Chicken
    -Desert Pizza

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