Thirds temporarily shut down by D.C. gov’t

Due to violations that stemmed from a felony assault, the D.C. Alcohol and Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) shut down Third Edition for three days in early August.

The bar was closed from August 8 to August 10. According to the Georgetowner, ABRA temporarily closed Third Edition for violating its security plan and voluntary agreement on several occasions. The felony assault, which occurred last February, sparked a six-month investigation of the bar; the violations were discovered during the course of the investigation.

Third Edition’s owners also had to pay a $1,750 fine.

For the sake of those underage among us, let’s hope that these violations don’t affect Thirds’ lax carding policy.

4 Comments on “Thirds temporarily shut down by D.C. gov’t

  1. Great Find!

    I love how the neighbors keep harping on the “increase enrollment by 3,400″ nonsense, and how this is unconscionable and will destroy their quality of life. First, those increases are from graduate students and “non-traditional” undergrads. Guess how many traditional undergrads GU is adding over the next ten years…zero.

    I don’t know if GU neighbors have ever met any grad students, but the ones I know work full time and study at night and on weekends and have no time to disrupt your quality of life. The 170 “non-traditional” undergrads are explicitly defined in the campus plan as being commuters from Maryland/Virginia, over 25, or veterans – so I dont see the connection there either.

    Its absurd that the neighbors get away with blaming students for everything that is wrong with their neighborhood. Now the students are responsible for rats, give me a break. Maybe if more neighbors would actually read the campus plan they would see how their leadership is misusing the facts to suit their own purposes.

  2. At this point, the only conclusion is that these people are bored and searching for a reason to be angry.

  3. Since when does Thirds card laxers?

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