Vote for the Voice‘s Best of Georgetown Readers’ Choice Awards!

Believe it or not, summer’s almost over—which means the Voice will be putting out its first issue of the school year in a mere week! Not to give too much away (since I know you’re all waiting with bated breath to see what our first cover story will be) but a big part of the first issue will be a Best of Georgetown feature for new freshmen.

We at the Voice think we have pretty good taste, but because we’re such a democratically-minded newsmagazine, we wanted you all to have your fair say, too. So, without further ado, please help us out and vote for your favorite option in the following categories (and feel free to leave endorsements in the comments section)! Winners will be featured in our first issue, which will be hitting newsstands all over campus August 27th.

After the jump, vote for your favorite Chinese, delivery, pizza and more!

3 Comments on “Vote for the Voice‘s Best of Georgetown Readers’ Choice Awards!

  1. Dixie is much more convenient, but Towne should hold a special place in every freshman’s heart and forever thereafter for the wonderful service that they do.

  2. If you aren’t voting for Kitchen no. 1 on Best Chinese and Wingo’s on Best Delivery, you deserve to have your mouth sewn shut and a feeding tube inserted into your arm as your only source of nourishment, because clearly you cannot appreciate good food.

  3. I would also like to add that anyone who votes for Bangkok on Best Delivery might as well stamp I NEVER EMOTIONALLY MATURED BEYOND FRESHMAN YEAR FALL SEMESTER on their faces, and spare the rest of us the trouble of respecting your opinions.

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