Burglary on the 3600 block of Prospect Street

On Monday afternoon at 2:00 p.m., a student reported to the Department of Public Safety that his townhouse on the 3600 block of Prospect had been burglarized. Two laptops were taken from his house some time after he left at 11:30 Monday morning.

In a public safety alert, DPS reported that there were no signs of forced entry and no witnesses to the crime. The Metropolitan Police Department had been notified and is investigating the case.

5 Comments on “Burglary on the 3600 block of Prospect Street

  1. well… that didn’t take long.

  2. yet another example of a spoiled little ficktard who thinks he’ll be just fine if he leaves he’s door wide opened to the street of one of the most crime infested cities in the country

  3. @jus’ sayin’

    or, ya know, maybe it was an accident.


  4. im jus’ sayin’, is it an accident the fact that students are often targets of crime just because they lack common sense? i don’t think so. i might as well be an asshole but i sure as hell haven’t been burglarized. at least not yet.

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