Comments of the week: Where is the pool table?

important question” asked an important question about the Tombs’ ranking:

forget collared shirts, more importantly, where, exactly, is this “pool table” Complex claims Tombs sports? is it like Narnia, entered through some super-secret gate in the second stall from the right in the women’s bathroom? have the editors of Complex ever even been to Tombs?

And “KING OF GEORGETOWN” answered:

hat is how you get to my royal throne room. where did you get this information?!

Call us crazy, but we’re pretty sure “Thanks!” was being sarcastic:

I’m really glad you got to the bottom of that mail I received 26 years ago, to which I was in no way forced to in any way respond. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t wondered who was behind it. Are you sure you aren’t Bob Woodward’s son?

Tim” hoped that a certain GU administrator would comment on the mosque controversy:

When reached for comment about the mosque, Jack DeGioia replied, “Does this have anything to do with globalization?” When informed that it does, DeGioia inquired, “Does stating an opinion require that I exhibit a spine?” When informed that it does require he exhibit a spine, DeGioia promptly ended the interview.

Bro @Student” was inspired to tweak the English language:

If you consider Tombs to be the most bro bar on the planet, then you clearly don’t bro hard enough, bro.

Three parts of speech in one sentence. I’ll bro five myself for that one.

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