Venus Fly Trap: Your newest Vox contributor

It broke our hearts when we learned that Georgetown’s resident blog queen, Venus Fly Trap, shut down her site this summer.

So, we invited her to join Vox.

Starting in two weeks, VFT will post bi-monthly advice columns about sex, dating, and anything else that’s inappropriate for polite conversations. But, there’s a catch—she needs your questions.

Here’s our request to you all: Dig down into your sexual psyche, then email questions to Anything related to relationships is fair game. (And we guarantee anonymity, so feel free to use pen names at your leisure.)

Let’s see what you’ve got, Georgetown. Venus Fly Trap is waiting.

21 Comments on “Venus Fly Trap: Your newest Vox contributor

  1. Vox,

    Despite my frequent bursts of bile, I have always considered you as a playful adversary and was forced to concede the fact you are the best damn publication on this campus. That you would stoop this low by hiring a perverted attention whore makes me not so much angry, but disappointed.

  2. Interesting choice. I guess a Canadian faux-hard rocker with legions of both normal and obsessed fans is less qualified to give advice about relationships than some students with a plant-based handle. Oh well, you can find my relationship advice in much more qualified publications. Just a taste: If you watch the video for “Someday,” you would find out that the way to handle your grief about your lover’s tragic death is to drive wildly into the street, get hit by a semi, and die and join your ghost boyfriend in dissipation. Also, you would find out that if your girlfriend is acting out of sorts and leaves you and you are very confused, you are probably dead. I’m sure that even though this Venus Flytrap lacks my bleach blonde hair and eye-melting abs, she’ll do fine…yeah sure.


    PS Tiger did NOT follow my relationship advice in case you were wondering and we all know how that ended up. Oh well, go ahead and ask VFT something and I’m sure you’ll end up just like Tiger.

  3. This is an absolute disgrace to Georgetown. Vox, I expected better.

  4. Personally, I’ve always preferred Vox’s more professional tone to Venus’s. But I’m glad Vox isn’t confining itself, and hope everyone, myself included, is open to appreciating forms of speech that don’t fit within the well-defined constraints of Western Business Style.

  5. are you kidding? it’s a different voice and funny if you’re open to it. take it with a grain of salt.

  6. This is a poor decision, and an awful representation of your blog. Why would you allow her to spew vitriol all over your website after she so freely degraded fellow Georgetown students on her site?

  7. Seriously, why would you ever do this? It’s funny (maybe) if not clearly a desperate girl trying to get attention but for a newspaper that represents our school and that I generally prefer to the Hoya, this is stupid. You’re only quenching her thirst for attention. Ugh.

  8. i loveeee vft. she (it?) says what no one else will but well all wish someone would. rock out with you c*ck out vft. ill be sending you pics of disgraceful dressers so look out

  9. I was already extremely disappointed with the voice when its twitter “endorsed” VFT in the pseudo-battle that ensued after her mean spirited and horrible attack of another blogger. This is a terrible mistake by vox, and it will certainly make me reconsider reading what I thought was a legitimate sources of campus news. You’re better than this.

    Also, the craigslist column isn’t funny or interesting.

    Also, her name is Kate Petersen.

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  11. KP is a vile person with vile language and it’s really upsetting to know that the best Georgetown paper would choose to have her write for them. Encouraging someone to demean others and promote self-deprecation and sluttiness is really sad, Vox.

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