Closing the Pub: Georgetown’s all-time worst idea

Georgetown has spoken. (Er … voted.) Closing Georgetown’s once-upon-a-time, on-campus bar, the Pub, was the worst idea the University has had. Ever!

Revising the alcohol policy” and “selling WGTB’s radio license” finished in second and third place, respectively.

Let’s recap the University’s terrible, awful, despicable decision to close the Pub:

Healy Hall was once the center of student life on campus, with the student-run Pub serving as its drunken core. The Pub was a ‘sticky, smelly, sweaty, time-of-your-life,’ one former manager said. […]

It won praise year after year as the best college bar in America, but slowly went bankrupt in the late 1980s after a new alcohol policy forced its student managers to host a dry night once a week. Although the Pub was reborn in the newly-completed Leavey Center, Vice President of Student Affairs James A. Donahue closed the bar for good during the 1994-1995 academic year.

R.I.P. Pub. We wish we had the pleasure of knowing you.

5 Comments on “Closing the Pub: Georgetown’s all-time worst idea

  1. “sticky, smelly, sweaty” – you forgot jammed – that was the pub I remember from the 70’s, when any 18 year old could drink beer or wine.

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  3. The Pub had a subculture that was lost as well! Anyone remember Sundays, the social exchanges with our neighboring school Howard U? Anyone remember some of the people coming then when it was jam packed?

    Tom Gray SBA ’88 (Center Pub DJ)

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