Former Georgetown professor named president of Marquette

Fr. Scott Pilarz (COL ’81), the man famously known for bringing Jack the Bulldog to Georgetown, will become Marquette University’s 23rd president.

After entering the Society of Jesus, Pilarz returned to his alma mater in 1996 to teach as an English professor. Before he left to become the president of the University of Scranton, Pilarz also served as interim University Chaplain.

While at Georgetown, Pilarz got involved in the “Bring Back Jack” movement, which led to the purchase of Jack the Bulldog in 1999. (Later that year, the Class of 1999 awarded Pilarz the Edward B. Bunn, S.J., Award for Faculty Excellence.)

As Jack’s caretaker, he ultimately brought the dog with him to Scranton when he left in 2003. Jack, now 11, is set to move to Marquette with Pilarz next summer.

The University of Scranton thrived under Pilarz’s leadership, launching a $125 million capital campaign that led to the construction of new residence halls, a student center, and a science building. And despite the distance, Pilarz still maintained a close relationship with Georgetown; he received the Alumni Association’s highest honor, the John Carroll Award, in 2009.

Pilarz will replace Fr. Robert A. Wild, who will step down at the end of the 2010-2011 academic year.


11 Comments on “Former Georgetown professor named president of Marquette

  1. Worst Decision Georgetown Made Part II: Not asking Fr. O’Donovan to retire and appointing Pilarz GU President. From the stories I had heard, he was being groomed for GU President when Scranton snapped him up.

  2. We’ll steal him from Marquette in a few years when DeGioia gets run out of office.

  3. Somewhere in the Public Affairs Office there is a photo of Father Pilarz sitting on the steps “reading” If You Give a Pig a Pancake to Jack I. It’s totally hilarious. Please find it!!! I would love to have a copy on my computer.

  4. Yeah, Jack I was massive even as a puppy. Current Jack is much more cuddlier.

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