Georgetown freshman Joey Pearson sings, vlogs

Georgetown has had its share of campus celebrities over the last few years: Charlie Cooper, that kid who shot the toilet, the governator’s daughter, the iPod vigilante, and a host of bloggers, just to mention a few.

Joey Pearson (SFS ’14) seems to be the latest edition to our G-list celebs. Pearson’s YouTube account, the earliest entries of which feature Pearson singing hymns and pop songs while video blogging, has lately consisted of his Village C dorm room, advice for fellow freshmen, and stories about his experiences on campus.

Freshman tales aside, guy’s got some talent—he’s recorded five albums, according to an interview with the Hoya, and appeared on Star Search as a child.

The tragic flaw of many bloggers is thinking that anyone gives a shit about what they have to say. But, we have to give Pearson credit; he clearly loves Georgetown, he wants other students to enjoy college as much as he does, and the kid’s got a pretty good voice. (The thousand people who subscribe to his YouTube account don’t hurt his cause either.)

Welcome to the club, Joey. Just try to avoid ending up on Gawker.

After the jump, we’ve got some of Pearson’s latest clips about the bookstore and NSO.

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