Sophomores bring “Nightly Noms” to Georgetown

Who doesn’t love late-night snacks? We certainly do, but we rarely have enough time to bake our own brownies, cookies, or muffins.

Thankfully, somebody at Georgetown is looking out for us.

Last semester, Elizabeth Sabol-Jones (COL ’13) launched Nightly Noms with her friend, Rachel Hochstetler (COL ’13).

Sabol-Jones, a Compass Fellow, started the baked goods delivery service after getting rave reviews about her food.

“At the first Compass Fellows dinner, I decided to bake banana bread and everyone enjoyed it,” Sabol-Jones said. “[Rachel] said she’d help to deliver if I ever opened a bakery … I kind of started on a whim.”

Nightly Noms isn’t not just about the food, though; the company donates a portion of all profits to Operation Smile.

Every week, Sabol-Jones posts a menu on the Nightly Noms website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. She whips up the orders, then helps Hochstetler deliver the freshly baked goods from 10 p.m. until midnight. (While most orders need to be submitted by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, customers can order cookies until 11:30 p.m.)

The menu will be tweaked from week to week; students who ordered this week, for example, had their choice of chocolate chip cookies, banana chocolate chip muffins, and s’mores bars.

“That’s the thing about food on campus, like Leo’s,” Sabol-Jones said. “You get bored with your options.”

In hopes of attracting student groups and organizations, Nightly Noms plans to offer bulk orders as well.

“Large orders are definitely possible and are generally better priced than other…uh… famous cupcake shops,” Sabol-Jones wrote in an email. “Not that I don’t like cupcakes from there every once in a while!”

12 Comments on “Sophomores bring “Nightly Noms” to Georgetown

  1. It also looks an awful lot like “Nighty Noms,” rather than “nightly.”

  2. haha, oh well, I’m sure with the time they spend baking they overlook something once in a while, they’ll probably be pleased you pointed it out. besides, I’ve heard their baking is really good! that’s what counts in the end

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  4. Yes, Nightly Noms does make off-campus deliveries. We will post details in a blog post this week. If you would like more info now, please contact us at and we’d be more than willing to answer any questions and let you know if your location is within our delivery area!

  5. Pretty sure it’s not legal to run a baking delivery service out of a home kitchen…

  6. …it’s also illegal for organizations to sell baked goods and food in red square

  7. These girls clearly don’t even know the name of their own freaking blog. Nighty and Nightly are both used everywhere.

  8. ever heard of a “FREAKING” typo? leave them alone

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