This week in the Voice: The road to the ANC

In Features, Kara Brandeisky looks into the history of student representation on Georgetown’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission. Did you know that more than 1,000 students voted in the 1996 election, placing two students on the ANC? Well, that’s just the beginning of a story filled with voter intimidation tactics, lawsuits, and a whole lot of campaigning.

News dives into Georgetown’s right-wing scene, learning that most conservative students “have not adopted the populist energy, tone, and activist tendencies of the Tea Party movement.”

In Leisure, Brendan Baumgardner writes about one of Georgetown’s hidden gems: The Friday Music Series.

Sports has some more about the men’s soccer team’s big weekend.

In Voices, Kara Brandeisky discusses the problem of victim blaming.

The Ed Board encourages the University to adopt environmentally-friendly roofing.

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