Comments of the Week: Dishonoring the McDreadlocks clan

Tim” invented our second-favorite fake name:

‘As long as we have supporters and as long as he has classes, we’ll continue,’ Monica Gonzalez (MSFS ’11) told the Voice.


‘As long as the campus media covers us and as long as none of our members have anything better to do, we’ll continue bothering the vast majority of campus,’ Sandals McDreadlocks (DUM ’11) told the Voice.

Doug” really, really hates Ledo’s:

Ledo’s “pizza” probably ranks behind the cardboard box it comes in, and the tires on the van that delivered it, in terms of the things I’d classify as “delicious.” I’m disappointed Vox would be spreading such slanderous lies.

After letting fame go to his head, “Famous Doug” shared his thoughts about Venus Fly Trap:

Why send someone whose blog is based on her being bad at sex and relationships questions about … sex and relationships? Am I missing something here?

Barack” couldn’t believe that freshmen shop at the bookstore:

It’s called Amazon. Freshmen.

Jacob” introduced the Uribe protesters to John Carroll.

Well, its only a matter of time before this escalates. Hopefully facilities cleaned John Carroll during the summer.

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