In private meeting, students and administrators discuss Campus Plan, off-campus party registration

Since late August, Dean of Students Todd Olson and Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Jeanne Lord have quietly met with students to talk about the 2010 Campus Plan.

During the first of the two meetings, the group discussed ways to alleviate off-campus tensions, such as mandatory off-campus party registration and University-facilitated meet-and-greets between students and residents.

According to Fitz Lufkin (COL ’11), who attended the meeting, Olson and Lord reached out to students to discuss relationships between students, residents, and the University.

“[They] wanted to know any ideas about how we could deal with the concerns from the neighborhood while still taking the side of the students, while making sure students weren’t thrown under the bus.” Lufkin said. “Dr. Olson and Dr. Lord steered the conversation towards solutions, not complaints.”

The search for solutions will have a significant impact on the University’s campus plan, which has yet to be filed with the D.C. Zoning Commission. (The University expects to submit the plan later this year.) Residents and University officials have squabbled for months about the specifics of the plan without reaching a compromise.

“Right now, everything is on the table. Are [Olson and Lord] considering a police state? No.” Lufkin said. “They’re looking for solutions that please everyone involved and address students’ concerns.”

Although neither Olson nor Lord did not respond to requests for comments, Director of Media Affairs Andy Pino told Vox that plans are still up in the air.

“Administrators are in conversation with students about a range of possibilities, one of which could be a change to off-campus party registration,” Pino wrote in an email. “At this point, however, there are no definitive plans for specific policy changes or a set time frame.”

The students at the meeting, who responded with “significant, if not unanimous” opposition to the off-campus party registration, also proposed alternate ways to get students involved with the plan.

“Instead of a town hall meeting where 4 or 5 people might show up, we suggested that they go to existing club meetings instead,” Lufkin said. “They seemed pretty amenable to that idea.”

Additional reporting by Holly Tao.

15 Comments on “In private meeting, students and administrators discuss Campus Plan, off-campus party registration

  1. This meeting process seems baffling to me. Right now, they selected a small group of students for a private meeting, and now it sounds like they’re going to go to club meetings to get more feedback? Why not try a town hall meeting so that students who actually want to discuss the campus plan can do so? If it was appropriately advertised, held at a reasonable time, and gave the impression administrators were genuinely interested in student feedback, I bet more than 4 or 5 people would show up. If I’m interested in talking about the campus plan, do I have to hope my club happens to be selected for a drop-by?

  2. Agreed. Besides the clubs affected by Keogh and the Yates overhaul, I don’t think meeting with students through clubs makes sense, since their isn’t a Campus Plan Club (besides this blog).

  3. Town hall meetings are pointless because on any given night a quarter of the student body couldn’t pass a sobriety test, a quarter are testing their patience by attending some outside event which is inevitably protested and half are locked in Lau or their rooms trying to pass a test. The result is you get about 25 students who are self styled “community leaders” who attend these things.

    If you want a representative sample, hold these meetings in the Tombs.

  4. Or how about this: Tell the neighbors to suck it. Meeting adjourned.

  5. @Tim,

    Hold on there young man. Your girlfriend finds me much more attractive. You have debt and I have a big house, a vacation home, and a fine German sedan. So go get a job and hand over the girl, you can’t afford her anyway. While you and your bros are checking out your fantasy league we’ll be flying to St. Petersburg to attend the Marinsky.

  6. @Beltway Greg
    Enjoy your prostitute.

    While your wording leaves something to be desired, at this point, I agree. No matter how much the university bends over backwards for the neighbors, they just don’t seem to care. Adding the “off-campus RAs” and bringing in the possibility of registering off-campus parties (think about that for a second: registering off-campus parties with the university) is taking a pretty decent step into making the neighborhood “GU’s Dorm,” just like the annoying signs. By treating off-campus students as if they are living on-campus, the university is essentially making Burleith an extension of campus. Stick to the party line: No new undergrads, meets EPA standards, etc.

  7. @Tim, I agree? How about this? Expel every Georgetown undergrad who gets caught drinking. A few months at a community college or State U ought to put things in perspective. Instead of saving the world how about saving Northwest, DC. If we moved to your hood and carried on like the students have been doing for decades your parents would cry themselves to sleep every night worrying about their property values. I hope to god when you get older you have to explain to your children why the students get drunk and piss in the bushes. Georgetown has pretty much turned into a diploma mill for disgruntled over privileged kids who didn’t get into an Ivy.

  8. new long term plan for the neighbors. Let Gtown take steps to “improve its position as a world class research university”. So more grad programs (more grad students), better student life (guts buses) facilities improvements/new buildings (take your pick). watch the percentage of douchebags decline as admissions become even more selective and the student body even nerdier. Students and neighbors walk off into the sunset. Hows that for a 10 year plan.

  9. Beltway, you sound like a right baller with stacks ‘n stacks. So what are you doing in West Georgetown? Playas live East of Wisconsin, son.

  10. You know, you know dawg I’m stone cold thuggin’ yo. I’m bustin’ it at Vineyard Vines, stone cold rollin’ it at Third Edition and gettin’ my freak on at Smith Point before me and my peeps, perps, and hustlers crash at the neo-colonial crib all tricked out in those big leather couches from Restoration Hardware. Man can’t rock enough earth tones.

  11. And I’m lonely, oh so lonely. Please someone pay attention to me! Maybe I can heckle some undergraduates today, and maybe if I brag enough about my fancy car and my debt-free lifestyle and my sad life as a paralegal I’ll get invited to some parties? I hope some drunk undergrads will sleep with me. And then I can kidnap them to russia (?).

  12. Beltway Greg’s schtick is confusing to me, mostly because he makes bold assertions about my wealth and my girlfriend, despite no actual knowledge about either. Regardless, I’m quite happy with both my dating and financial situations. Beltway Greg, on the other hand, seems to have a stick firmly lodged up his anus. Maybe Jennifer Altemus can help remove it before it damages the leather seats in that German sedan. Best of luck to you, Beltway Greg.

  13. Huzzah! Huzzah, for his deft handling of a rapier wit!

  14. Hello,

    Perhaps everyone involved can do something to regain their sense of humor. The attacks above might have been funny but they’re condescending verging on hateful and so they fall flat.

    There is a way to resolve this problem, and having students and neighbors get to know each other seems like a good start.

    Life is too short, increase the peace!

  15. Exactly, please invite me to a party. Hell, I’ll even lend you my credit card so you can use it for the security deposit on the keg.

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