Lauinger ditches bookshelves, opening space in front of Midnight Mug

If you’ve been to Lauinger since you’ve been back on campus, you may have noticed a small, but shocking change to the area—open spaces.

The bookshelves that once stood directly across from the coffee shop are gone, replaced by extra tables and chairs. The changes, which were among the many suggestions made by the Student Space Working Group last spring, provide a bit more study space to the library’s often-crowded second floor.

Midnight Mug itself got a bit of a redesign as well. In addition to those comfy couches and chairs, there’s a Starbucks-esque bar along the glass wall that allows for a few additional work spaces.

Brendan McElroy (COL ’12) said the addition is “a much-needed first step towards creating more space and accessibility for students to work in the library.”

McElroy added that he will probably take advantage of the extra study space, “provided the music isn’t too loud.”

What do you think? Should we be grateful that the University is responding to our demands for more study space, or is this a half-hearted attempt to appease students without making great changes?

Photo: Julie Patterson

6 Comments on “Lauinger ditches bookshelves, opening space in front of Midnight Mug

  1. Lau is still ugly, crowded and you have make reservations for power outlets 3 months in advance. No, I am not appeased.

  2. Second floor’s way too noisy to get any actual work done. Make more space on floors floor and five and I’ll be impressed.

  3. Small projects like this make a big difference. Imagine if the Administrators were kicked out of Healy basement to make way for a nice study lounge.

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