Old Georgetown Board has problems with another new business’ design

Serendipity3, the New York-based restaurant that purchased the old Nathan’s building, is scheduled to open in a few weeks. But, September’s Old Georgetown Board meeting may have thrown a wrench into those plans.

While the Advisory Neighborhood Commission initially voted 6-0 to support the concept of the bullnose awnings planned for Serendipity3, the commissioners also recommended that the OGB “take a look at” the building’s design plans.

When the OGB convened later that week, they struck down the concept design, stating that the awnings are “not appropriate to this historic building.”

Britt Swan, owner of Serendipity3, expected to open the restaurant within weeks. Now, he must re-file a design concept for approval by the OGB.

Who would guess that the Old Georgetown Board would slow down a company’s entrance into the neighborhood? That’s never happened before.

h/t Georgetown Dish

[UPDATE: Georgetown Metropolitan taught us a lesson in ANC and OGB politics.]

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