Jack the Bulldog is a “dangerous” mascot, says Fox News

Jack the Bulldog, our lovable, cuddly-looking mascot, was named one of “College’s Most Dangerous Mascots” by Fox News.

This dog? Dangerous?

We respectfully disagree.

h/t Fr. Christopher Steck

10 Comments on “Jack the Bulldog is a “dangerous” mascot, says Fox News

  1.  by  Eileen

    Maybe because we actually have a live animal for a mascot instead of just a student in a costume? Although I would wager that the costumed Jack is much more dangerous – have you ever smelled the costume up close?

  2.  by  Eileen

    Or perhaps the article was written from the perspective of a cone. Or a Duke Blue Devil plush toy.

  3.  by  William Bejan

    If it were serious it would indeed be ridiculous. It seems to be a joke to me though.

  4.  by  Idea Man

    This seems like Fox News was both reporting AND deciding. I am not pleased.

  5.  by  BO

    This probably has to do with those “Jack is a Muslim” rumors.

  6.  by  Adult Student

    The photo is priceless, and your comments made me laugh out loud!

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