Microwave fire on 37th Street, residents escape unscathed

At approximately 10 p.m. this evening, the D.C. Fire Department responded to a 911 call on the 1700 block of 37th Street.

According to DCFD Chief Larry Jackson, the source of the fire was likely a faulty microwave.

“We experienced light smoke that extended to the area surrounding the microwave,” Jackson said.

Four fire engines engine companies and two ladder trucks responded to the scene, in addition to at least one DCFD ambulance. After entering 1720 37th Street through the front door of the house, the firefighters extended ladders onto the roof of the building to check for additional smoke and fire damage. Firefighters quickly contained the smoke and fire.

Jackson added that no resident or firefighter was injured.

“No injuries, none of that,” he said. “But with these kinds of calls, better safe than sorry.”

The owners of the house, who were at the scene, declined to comment.

UPDATE: According to DCFD official, fire burned up the wall behind the microwave, but did not seriously damage the rest of the house.

Additional reporting by Molly Redden

Photo: Brendan Baumgardner

5 Comments on “Microwave fire on 37th Street, residents escape unscathed

  1. Sounds like DCFD has its shit together in ways MPD couldn’t imagine.

  2. one more reason students can’t be trusted in our neighborhood.

  3. oh for god’s sake, shut up. we aren’t going anywhere.

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