Students remotely close NY stock exchange with cowbells

Students who arrived early to an afternoon panel on capital markets and job creation rang cowbells to remotely close the New York Stock Exchange yesterday.

According to the Washington Business Journal, “hundreds of students and local business leaders,” crammed into the Hariri building to participate in the ceremonial closing of the trading day. It was not a first, however; MSB students who visited the stock exchange three years ago also rang the closing bell.

The students who arrived earliest also received commemorative cowbells.

The panel that followed, which was co-hosted by the Financial Times, featured Under Armor Founder and CEO Kevin Plank, Rosetta Stone CEO Tom Adams, Professor Reena Aggarwal, NYSE Euronext COO Lawrence Leibowitz, and Federal Reserve Board of Governors member Kevin Warsh.

After the jump, we’ve got a clip of the cowbell-filled closing.

2 Comments on “Students remotely close NY stock exchange with cowbells

  1. Thanks to our friends on Wall St. bell ringer may be the only source of gainful employment for these students.

  2. Congrats to the students and the school but this look slightly goofy.

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