The Week in the Voice: WGTB signals a bright future

In this week’s Feature, Tim Shine covers the rebirth of Georgetown student radio.

“If the leaders of WGTB have their way,” Shine writes, “Georgetown will be hearing from its radio station a lot more in the near future. The station has big plans for the new school year … designed to make WGTB a leading voice in music at Georgetown and eventually, all of D.C.”

News breaks the story that bedbugs infested a Georgetown townhouse.

In Leisure, Chris Heller profiles William Watts, the long-time Tombs manager who retired this week.

The Editorial Board praises DC’s attempt to shrink waistlines and budget shortfalls though a new tax on sugary beverages.

Sports recaps how the football team’s homecoming win keeps them atop the Patriot League standings.

Voices writer Satinder Kaur bemoans the dismal state of the GU observatory.

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