GUSA hopeful Bill Nelson concedes Senate election

“With no power comes no responsibility.”

Although promising to live by these words that he attributed to Spiderman, Bill Nelson (COL ’11) conceded his run for the Georgetown University Student Association on Saturday.

Nelson, who recently also lost in his bid for Mr. Georgetown, ran on the sole platform of dissolving GUSA with the endorsements of three former presidents.

In his concession, Nelson addressed those whom he met on his 40-hour long write-in campaign who told him that they don’t know what GUSA does. Nelson told them to start reading the newspaper more so that they aren’t “such uninformed idiots.” He hopes that then they’ll “maybe have a freakin’ clue.”

While his write-in campaign was for one of the off-campus positions, Nelson received 19 votes out of the 970 total votes cast for the at-large senate seat. He was not listed in the official GUSA Election Commission results as receiving any votes for the off campus spot.

Although he lamented his inability to be able to dismantle GUSA from the inside, Nelson holds out hope that something will go wrong with the election results once again so that he can run a second campaign to dissolve GUSA.

After the jump, we’ve republished Nelson’s concession speech.

6 Comments on “GUSA hopeful Bill Nelson concedes Senate election

  1. Looks like we need to turn to “second amendment remedies.”

  2. If GUSA does anything successful other than feel good about themselves this year, let me know.


  3. @@unemployed
    It was sarcasm, a play on the crazy woman from Nevada. I was quoting her. jeez

  4. I can’t tell if this kid is actually funny or just a giant tool. I do know that he seems to have a completely accurate opinion of the GUSA Senate.

  5. @Tim – Kind of both, actually. Overall, though: LOVE IT.

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