Professors submit letter to DeGioia urging Uribe’s dismissal

A letter urging Georgetown to dismiss former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe, signed by over 150 scholars, was allegedly delivered by students to President John DeGioia last Wednesday.

According to a press release published by the North American Congress on Latin America, Uribe’s connection to human rights violations have been ignored.

“Given the human rights scandals associated with Álvaro Uribe’s administration, and the ties between his administration and illegal paramilitary groups, it is disturbing that Georgetown University has chosen to host him this year,” Lesley Gill, a Vanderbilt professor, wrote in the release.

Last summer, Uribe was invited to teach courses at Georgetown as a Distinguished Scholar in the Practice of Global Leadership. Since his arrival on campus, however, human rights groups have organized against and protested his hiring.

Eight Georgetown faculty members, including Professor Mark Lance, Adjunct Professor Fr. Joseph Palacios, and Associate Professor Maurice Jackson, signed the letter.

Photo: Jackson Perry

h/t Chronicle of Higher Education

3 Comments on “Professors submit letter to DeGioia urging Uribe’s dismissal

  1. Uribe is an amazing and valuable resource for Georgetown students.

    Don’t let 150 useful idiots take that resource away.

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  3. Certainly, as a lot of people have pointed out, Mr Uribe has not been processed so far. But last Friday, October 8 2010, news came from a trial in the US, where Juan Carlos Sierra, an extradited drug dealer, mentioned how Mario Uribe, today in prison, helped him to travel to Spain, after introducing him to one of Mario’s friends, Colombian ex-consul working in that country, Ignacio Guzman (1). Guzman acknowledge this and indicated that he only accepted Sierra because he was a close friend of his friend, a senator at the time. But who is Mario Uribe? Not only Alvaro Uribe’s cousin. He was his key partner to be elected as president. See it by yourself in . Source (1)

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