GU Ranks 155th in world, according to US News and World Report

U.S. News & World Report has contributed to the host of meaningful and equitable college rankings in the past, evaluating the best learning institutions in the country.

Looks like that wasn’t enough.

According to rankings published in late September, Georgetown is the 155th-best college in the world, sandwiched between University of Science and Technology of China and University of Sussex.

U.S. News’s methodology, which is based on QS World University Rankings, weighs academic peer review drawn from 15,050 surveys over a three-year period as its key indicator.

The rest is split up among other factors: 20 percent goes to the university’s student-to-faculty ratio, 5 percent each is given to proportion of international faculty and students, and smaller percentages account for employer surveys and number of faculty research citations. (Sadly, quality of phallic graffiti wasn’t included.)

What does 155th mean, you ask? To put it in perspective, Cambridge and Harvard earned the top two spots, while Emory, which ranks just above Georgetown in national rankings, placed 107th. Somehow, UC Berkeley, which falls the spot behind Georgetown in the national rankings, came in 28th. Go figure.

If it’s any consolation, our neighbors at GW fell to the foggy bottom of 264th place.

Bored? Don’t forget to peruse the Australian or Latin American rankings for some schools you never knew existed! We’re going to sit back and wait until U.S. News publishes the best intergalactic schools.

9 Comments on “GU Ranks 155th in world, according to US News and World Report

  1. For all that Georgetown students boast about the prestige of the university, this ranking poses a sharp challenge to that self-assured perception. Really, it’s a laughable contrast. We need to face it, other institutions around the world are not as impressed with Georgetown as we are.

  2. I doubt the world is more impressed with Univeristy of Maryland at College Park (#100) than it is with Georgetown.

  3. After all the problems created by the financial and political “genius” produced by our allegedly superior competitors, why are we still judging ourselves by these flawed measures concocted by social scientists. Are our students learning to lead happy productive lives? Are they being molded into people of character? How do they regard and treat others, or themselves for that matter? This article does nothing to address those questions.

    Personally, if you want a to become a robot who can spit out analyses, facts and theorems, I suggest going elsewhere. If you want to learn how to become more than you are morally, intellectually and spiritually, I think Georgetown is a pretty good bet.

  4. $10 says that “lol” is a bitter old University neighbor. I can smell you people through my computer.

  5. Worldwide college rankings are, for the most part, based on research. Georgetown is not a research institution. Hopefully you knew this when you came here. From the survey: “Respondents are asked to identify up to ten domestic institutions they consider best for research in each of the faculty areas selected in Section 2.”

    Big public schools tend to be substantially better represented on lists like this (Michigan, McGill in the top 20; Wisconsin in the top 50), while undergraduate-focused schools tend to be ranked substantially lower than how they are generally reputed stateside (Dartmouth at 90, Georgetown at 155). How many kids are going to UC-Davis, UMCP, UC-Santa Barbara, or Ohio State over Georgetown?

  6. Next up: the US News and World Report list of most useful US News and World Report lists of colleges. I agree with Jacob – instead of focusing on how one magazine reports that other people perceive your school, focus on how you perceive your education and what it’s done for you as a scholar and person.

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