The anatomy of a Georgetown Cupcake line

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It’s a Saturday afternoon, you’re headed down M Street, and there’s a massive line outside of Georgetown Cupcake. You’re probably wondering, “Who are these people and why are they willing to stand in that line? Are they fans of D.C. Cupcakes? Are they even from D.C.? Had these customers ever heard of Baked & Wired?”

At least, that’s what we think.

In September, we performed a thoroughly unscientific survey of people standing in line outside of Georgetown Cupcake. The surveys were done at both busy and slow periods of the day in order to have a more accurate picture of all types of customers.

The charts above illustrate the make-up of the average Georgetown Cupcake line, and after the jump, we’ve got some of the highlights of our fact-finding mission. Enjoy!

The highlights:

  • A woman who claims she has been coming to Georgetown Cupcake since it opened impatiently answered the survey as she was waiting to pick up the cupcakes for her own wedding.
  • A couple in town for the 9.12 Tea Party rally stopped in because they are fans of the television show. (Is spending $2.75 on a cupcake fiscally conservative?)
  • An outpatient from the GU Medical Center stopped by to pick up two dozen red velvet cupcakes for his nurses, which he does every time he has an appointment at the hospital. (He also bought one of our surveyors a red velvet cupcake when he found out she had never tried one before.)
  • An upset-looking man told us that he only was standing in the line because he loves his wife and she likes Georgetown Cupcake, but he would much rather be at Baked & Wired.

The full results:
Georgetown Cupcake survey results

Credit: Heather Regen, Ryan Bellmore, Jon Coumes, Emily Fink, Marcie King

Design: Ishita Kohli

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  1. Great post! Anyone else think it’s a little strange that 40% heard about Georgetown Cupcake on TV yet some portion of them also claim to know about Baked and Wired?

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