This week in the Voice: Arrested international development

In Features this week, Jackson Perry covers the plight of the SFS International Development certificate after Wednesday’s resignation of Zara Khan, its lead defender and coordinator.

“During [Khan’s] 18 months as the program coordinator of the International Development certificate—the most popular certificate in the School of Foreign Service—the SFS deans have repeatedly slashed the certificate’s budget, eliminating student services despite a meteoric rise in enrollment in the certificate.”

News reports that the reproductive justice group Plan A has returned from hiatus and is quietly meeting with the administration.

In Leisure, Brendan Baumgardner describes the low-budget, behind-the-scenes story of the sci-fi film Monsters.

Sports gets excited for Friday’s Midnight Madness.

In Voices, Corp CEO Brad Glasser responds to recent criticism against the company.

The Ed Board criticizes the prioritizing of study space in the Hariri building.

2 Comments on “This week in the Voice: Arrested international development

  1. Does anyone else feel as though Glasser did a poor job in responding to the criticism?

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