Midnight Madness is here!

By now, you’ve all heard about Wale’s concert at Midnight Madness tonight. But, have you seen this spiffy YouTube video? At the very least, it doesn’t emphasize awkward cultish tendencies.

Can’t make it to Midnight Madness? Don’t worry, we’ll be live-blogging the event on our Twitter account, @GtownVoice. Now get yourself on the line outside of McDonough.

6 Comments on “Midnight Madness is here!

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  2. How cultural. Mom, Dad, meet Wale. 30K + a year for this?

  3. Should have had the post-classical ensemble playing Reich’s ‘Variations for Winds, Strings and Keyboards.’ Cultural and thrilling. Nothing makes me excited about basketball more than its gentle harmonic progression and all-white participants.

  4. Funny you should bring that up. Does GTown have any white dudes rocking the b-ball this year?

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