The Week In Photos: Midnight Madness!

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Photography by: Matthew Funk (slides 1-7, 17-24, 28), Max Blodgett (slides 8-16, 24-27), Julianne Deno (slides 29-30), Audrey Wilson (slide 31), and Jackson Perry (slide 32)

13 Comments on “The Week In Photos: Midnight Madness!

  1. Chris Wright is #4.

    Shameful reporting as usual from this “newspaper”-turned-blog, with the word “blog” used most often as an excuse for its sloppy coverage.

  2. Wow, way not to include any good shots of the women’s team. One picture of Coach Flo, and that’s it?

  3. people care more about mens basketball because its bigger faster stronger.

  4. Just saying, the women’s team has gotten farther in the NCAA tournament than the men have in the past two years, they deserve better than a few group shots that don’t even acknowledge the stand-out players on the team.

  5. I imagine attendance if midnight madness was just for the men’s team versus just for the women’s team would be pretty different. It doesn’t say anything about either team, and every year both the Hoya and the Voice get a couple criticizing them for undercovering the women’s team. Men’s basketball is what draws the eyes. The Atlanta Dream made it to the WNBA Finals this year, but I imagine the Hawks are still the more followed team in Atlanta. If it’s a problem, it’s a societal one, And in the struggle for true equality of treatment between men and women, campus coverage of basketball teams should probably be far down the list of priorities.

  6. Are there student single-game tickets this year (aka $5 tickets)? I can’t find any information on this on the ticket website.

  7. Props for covering Hoya basket ball. Very disappointed about covering a no talent dolt like LaBeouf

  8. Not Greg Monroe, I don’t think either Pat or Eileen were referring to some global struggle for gender equality (although I wish they had been) – I think they’re honestly just referring to the fact that our women’s basketball team is FANTASTIC and deserves a lot of respect that they’re simply not getting. We’re not arguing for a Hoya/Voice Preview (but that would be awesome), we were just hoping that the stand out players – like Sugar Rodgers, Big East Freshman of the Year, First Team All-Big East member – would get a picture or two. They’re really fun to watch, and if more students gave them a chance, you might all be surprised!

    Regardless, these are fantastic pictures.

  9. @ Mara I know I wasn’t – I have way too much homework for a global struggle for gender equality. I’m not even asking Vox staffers to go to the women’s games, although you’d probably have a good time if you did. But if you’re already at Midnight Madness, and you have a camera, is it really too much to ask that you photograph Sugar, or Monica McNutt, or Tia Magee, or Rubylee Wright? Barring that, could you at least identify one member of the team in one of the captions?

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