Comments of the Week: Rappers and rankings

YES” sees a weekend where the stars align:

Wait. Wait.

John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, AND Lupe Fiasco all on the same day, which happens to be the day before we get to promenade down M Street in our finest bunny ears? This weekend is going to be epic.

Steven” gave us a glimpse of his reaction to the Philly P to Go Fresh transition:

While “wimper … wimper” gave a angry (tearful?) goodbye:


Eileen” has some ideas for U.S. News and World Report:

Next up: the US News and World Report list of most useful US News and World Report lists of colleges. I agree with Jacob – instead of focusing on how one magazine reports that other people perceive your school, focus on how you perceive your education and what it’s done for you as a scholar and person.

Beltway Greg” doesn’t approve of Georgetown’s choice in music [all sic’d]:

Might as well bring Vanilla Iec and Salt-n-Peppa. Rap is overproduced psychobabble consumed by morons who believe they’re getting some type of insight to the “hip-hop” culture. Baggy pants and more grabbing of your penis than you at a rest stop bathroom. Violence? Oh shorty. Rappers love women. BTW, HH culture is just a figment of your commercialized mind. Check-out GIl-Scott Heron. Now hommies, that’s spoken word. Word to your mother.

3 Comments on “Comments of the Week: Rappers and rankings

  1. I see that TincentVennant makes his return to the comments. LOL.

  2. Yeah! And Gil-Scott Heron is the cat’s pajamas. Good call

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