Princeton Review ranks MBA program high for career options

The Princeton Review has released another set of lists, this time ranking Master of Business Administration programs. Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business was featured on the “Best Career Prospects” list as the nation’s fourth-best program.

The 300 school, 19,000 student survey placed the Penn’s Wharton School, Harvard University, and Stanford University as first, second, and third, respectively.

Respondents to the survey said that Georgetown’s MBA program offered a global perspective that makes it unique. Georgetown’s high number of speakers in the business field and active alumni also contributed to the high ranking. In addition, students praised the opportunity to take courses at the University’s Public Policy Institute and School of Foreign Service.

“Georgetown MBA is located in the center of the government, business and non-profit worlds,” one student testimonial reads. “Everyone contributes a unique perspective.”

h/t Huffington Post

5 Comments on “Princeton Review ranks MBA program high for career options

  1. “offered a global perspective that makes it unique.”

    This meaningless phrase encapsulates everything wrong with the MSB.

  2. if they saw you animals on a saturday night I imagine your “institute of higher laerning (drinking)” would fall in the charts

  3. Judging by your spelling, it doesn’t look like you took your “laerning” very seriously.

  4. That’s ridiculous. I’m pretty sure drinkability was one of the criteria for the rankings. Of course, if they knew about the snake problem in the Hariri building…

  5. Proud Burleither, every one of your posts is a sobering reminder of the fact that my glory years are slowly but surely approaching their end, and soon I too will be beaten into submission by the ennui of everyday life. Thank you for reminding me just how important it is that I go as hard as fucking possible this weekend.

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