City Sports to open in Georgetown in December

Good news for all you athletes: City Sports will open a 10,000 square foot, flagship D.C. store at 3338 M Street this December.

City Sports, which sells outdoor sports apparel and some equipment, markets itself as a store for athletically inclined urbanites. The store will also house an energy drink bar and listening stations. In an interview with the Washington Post, the property’s owner, Anthony Lanier, hoped that it would attract an “urban, style-oriented crowd.”

“We’re surrounded by other great stores, the university and residences,” Michael Mosca, executive vice president of City Sports merchandising, told the Post. “Those things combined makes [Georgetown] a sweet spot for us in terms of our demographics,”

Georgetown’s ideal combination of residents and college students—not to mention its proximity to running and biking trails—has already attracted other sport-related stores, such as North Face, the Running Store, and lululemon athletica.

Call it a hunch, but we figure a few students at Georgetown, which was once ranked one of the fittest schools in the country, will be excited to check out City Sports this winter.

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