Escape from the Hilltop: Does Julius Caesar fist pump?

This weekend there’s a lot happening on the performing-arts front, from Shakespearean classics and a reimagined Sabrina Fair to Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame. (His hair counts as performance art, right?)

Friends, Romans, Countrywomen

Never read the play? Maybe Mean Girls can jog your memory.

An all-female cast takes on Ancient Rome in a gender-driven spin of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Taffety Punk Theatre Company puts on a fierce interpretation of the tale of Rome’s most famous emperor, with actresses clad in all-black street clothes working amidst sparse décor, set to electro-punk background tunes.

Julius Caesar, which closes this weekend, is performed Wednesday through Saturday. $10.

Sabrina, the Teenage Social-Climber

Sabrina Fairchild, a chauffeur’s daughter-gone-diva, has got all eyes on her in Samuel A. Taylor’s comedy. Unlike past productions, though, the revival at the Ford’s Theatre injects racial tension into the plot; as the Washington Post writes, “Sabrina is now black, the Larrabees are still white, and it’s still 1953.”

The decision gives Sabrina Fair, which was adapted into a classic Audrey Hepburn movie, poignancy you won’t find in any other production. Sabrina Fair ends this Saturday. $44 to $55.

Dirty Jerz

Pauly D has migrated north from Miami to spin some of his favorite beats at D.C.’s Fur nightclub. This Saturday, gel your hair—or better yet, don’t—and head over to 33 Patterson Street NE for and evening of fist pumping, grinding, and grenades.

Floating through Georgetown

We’ve all heard about the mule-drawn boat rides on Georgetown’s C&O canal. Why not take Sunday afternoon off and enjoy it yourself? After all, it’s one of your last chances this year—the rides end next Sunday. $5.

Photo: Taffety Punk

One Comment on “Escape from the Hilltop: Does Julius Caesar fist pump?

  1. “evening of fist pumping, grinding, and grenades.”

    When I first read this, my heart leap with joy, as I have been wanting to pelt the kids from Jersey shore with grenades for some time. Then I found out this was a degrading term for women, rather than an explosive. Very disappointed.

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