GW students organize fundraiser to counter Westboro Baptist Church

Our friends in Foggy Bottom aren’t too happy about the Westboro Baptist Church’s protest next month. While one student group has already organized a counter-protest, GW freshman Daniel Wein and junior Daniel Reade decided to act differently.

Wein and Reade created Transcend Hate, a group that aims to raise money for those targeted by the WBC, according to the GW Hatchet.

“We didn’t like the idea of responding to noise with more noise, responding to yelling with yelling,” Wein told the Hatchet. “We didn’t really feel like that was a positive way to confront them even if you have silly signs.”

Transcend Hate plans to donate the money raised to the Fisher House Foundation, the One Family Fund, Blood:Water Mission, and the Trevor Project. The group has already raised $3,000 from more than two dozen donors and expects to top $5,000 by the week’s end.

“This is not a partisan issue and it’s why we’re really making it a priority to reach out to a broad coalition of student coalitions,” Wein added. “This is something that everyone can identify with and everyone can have a vested interest in.”

The WBC’s protest, which is scheduled for the morning of November 11, will be opposed by a counter-protest organized by the GW Patriot, a student blog. As of today, more than 1,600 people have pledged to attend the counter-protest.

Photo: Flickr user “burstein

h/t GW Hatchet

3 Comments on “GW students organize fundraiser to counter Westboro Baptist Church

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  2. This is not a “church”, it is a hate group. They are in it for the money and the press. Most of this “church” are attorneys. If IBM showed up at your door, would they get away with this? No! Any one can say they are a “church”, that is not going to make you a Church! We in this country let a lot pass for “church”. This is not about freedom, it is about being human.

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