This week in the Voice: College, the first generation

This week’s in Features, Nico Dodd and Sean Quigley profile first-generation college students and how they transition to Georgetown.

“About eight percent of this year’s freshman class, approximately 120 students, are first-generation college students,” they write. “They come from families and, in some cases, communities where attending college is the exception, not the norm.”

News reports that GERMS has not seen a drop in alcohol-related calls, despite a decline in alcohol violations.

In Sports, Adam Rosenfeld looks at the men’s soccer team’s surprising turnaround.

Leisure interviews Carlee Briglia (COL ’10), who filmed a documentary about Georgetown grads pursuing their dreams in India.

In Voices, Sean Quigley defends the brutalist Lauinger Library from students’ brutality.

The Ed Board criticizes the media frenzy surrounding Hardy School sex education.

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