Grad student moves onto next round in WaPo’s “Next Great Pundit”

Conor Williams (GOV ’11), one of a handful of Georgetown students who competed in the Washington Post‘s “Next Great Pundit” contest, has moved onto the next round of voting.

In a series of blog posts, Williams covers a range of topics, including progressivism, conservation, pluralism, and the hot button issue of child marriages. (He even manages to mock Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell!)

While we’re pleased to see Williams advance—and encourage you to vote for him before the polls close tonight at 6 p.m.—the Post commenters seem divided.

“The WP should hire you today and replace some of their world is flat guys. Great stuff Great Pundit,” a commenter named “Chucky-El,” wrote.

A displeased commenter named “MSJS,” however, was a bit more crass: “The blog is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooooo loooooooooooooong.”

Oof. Everybody’s a critic, we guess.

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