Comments of the Week: All DMT, all the time

jermain hoya” was able to synthesize the deluge of information being reported about Saturday’s incident in Harbin into one, demonstrative fact:

“harbin cooks better shit than leo’s”

Andrew” thought that Georgetown’s response was a little overblown when he learned that there was no meth lab in Harbin:

“So this “meth lab” was actually a few kids making DMT for their own consumption? Georgetown really needs to work on their “blowing things out of proportion” problem before they work on this whole “drug” thing.”

get real, people” responded to commenters who defended the arrested suspects:

“Okay, lets keep things in perspective here guys: it doesn’t matter if they were just “a few nice, kind of nerdy kids into a stupid ‘intellectual hippy’ thing.” They were making drugs in their dorm room by COOKING highly toxic chemicals. Those “kids” are not smart, they were idiots, and had something gone wrong they could have set the building on fire (and thanks to Georgetown’s crack safety standards, none of the fire alarms would have gone off).”

Homeless Guy Who Lives Under Key Bridge Using a Computer in Lau” was delighted to find the senior who offered displaced Harbinites a room on Craigslist:

“Wow! Today’s my lucky day! I’ll be right over!”

Miss swiss” was not pleased to be woken up early Saturday morning, and it didn’t help that Harbin’s fire alarms weren’t working:

“Best part of my morning? 6:07 am stumbling out of my room after being unable to find any socks or my coat and hearing a MPD officer say “5 doesn’t work, just like 6 and 7″. Gotta love the fire alarms THAT DON’T WORK.”

Benjamin Gates” revealed the true uses of the chemicals found in the Harbin 9 dormitory:

“Oh this school (no matter how much I love my alma mater) can be so foolish. A meth lab? Really? I don’t want to talk about how I got access to a Harbin 9 room, that’s my lawyer’s job. But if DPS knew anything about treasure hunting, it would be obvious that the set up was not for producing drugs but for interpreting the variety of maps and codexes that I see on a day-to-day basis. You think lemon juice is enough to match wits the Algonquins or the Secret Society of Treasure-Hoarding Jesuits? No, they were much better at hiding their maps than the founding fathers. You might wonder how I use 52 packs of Sudafed to interpret maps, but that’s a secret I must keep if I am to stay one step ahead of my arch-enemy Alvaro Uribe. Now if you’ll just let me back into Harbin, I can get on with my work.


PS The red phosphorous is totally Riley’s. I don’t know how it got into my lab.”

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