Georgetown’s newest bar targets children … with candy!

Not 21 yet? Has Third’s stopped accepting your ID? There’s one bar that will never close its doors to you—a candy bar.

With our sweet tooth at the ready, we visited Georgetown Candy Bar yesterday. Here’s what we learned about the store:

  • The first half of the deceptively long store features bins of scoopable candy. To our delight, the store seems to leave nothing out—classic gummies and sours, licorice Scottie Dogs, candy rocks, and even a few oddities like “Swiss fruit candies” and neon “techno bears” line the narrow aisle. (Don’t get too excited, though; a pound of assorted candies will set you back ten dollars.)
  • Further inside the store lie a variety of taffies, lollipops, and brightly decorated gift sets aimed at children.
  • Near the register, you’ll find different brands and flavors of chocolate, including a chocolate-bacon bar we thought only existed in our dreams.

It might be a bit pricey, but if you’re yearning for a sugar rush—or if you’ve always loved chocolate with bacon bits in it—take the worthwhile walk down to 1417 Wisconsin Avenue to visit Georgetown Candy Bar.

Photo: Julie Patterson

4 Comments on “Georgetown’s newest bar targets children … with candy!

  1. I love when college students don’t know the different between your and you’re. Check the last paragraph…or hire some sort of high school intern to check for grammar errors.

  2. I’m sure this store is a ruse of the American Dental Association.

  3. I thought their inventory was lacking. And talk about overpriced! Also, I’m pretty sure I overheard the cashier talking about some party she attended last weekend. WHY CAN’T PEOPLE JUST SERVE ME MY CANDY EFFICIENTLY AND QUIETLY :)

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